Upgrade or refit to new e or c series displays  

e12 with refit bezel

If you are looking to refit your boat or upgrade your current Raymarine displays to the new e or c Series displays, we can help make life easier for you!


E80 Classic to e9 refit

Above: Upgrade example - E80 Classic to the new e9 HybridTouchTM using the R70010 upgrade Bezel kit 


New e or c Series displays are available with optional easy-fit bezels, complete with mounting plates, for use when replacing C80, C120, E80 or E120 Classic displays or C90W, C120W, E80W or E120W Widescreen displays, so there is no need to fit a new dash.


Legacy Widescreen displays (C90W, E90W, C120W, E120W) can be replaced with a new e or c display simply by using the refit adaptor kit R70008 or R70009 and require no cutting.


Classic displays (C80, E80, C120, E120) require adaptor kit R70010 or R70011 and require a small amount of cutting and drilling as indicated on the adaptor mounting templates.


To determine what adaptor kit you require please see our matrix.



Upgrading is simple - using optional easy-fit bezels


  • Remove your old Raymarine display from the dash


  • Screw the new mounting plate (supplied pre-drilled) to the old fixing holes.


  • Remove the outer bezel from your new e or c Series display.


  • Fit the NEW display into the mounting plate and screw down.


  • Clip the new easy-fit bezel on to the NEW display.
   Refit exploded view




Bezel sizes



Classic Bezel


Widescreen Bezel


Bezel for Classic  

Bezel for Widescreen


C80 / E80 Classic Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel R70010

C90W / E90W Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel R70008

C120 / E120 Classic Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel R70011

C120W / E120W Easy-Fit Upgrade Bezel R70009




New display


9" New c or e Series display

12" New c or e Series display

Old display


C80 / E80


Download instructions 

Download template 

Not applicable - larger cut out needed

C120 / E120

Not applicable


Download instructions 

Download template

C90W / E90W


Download instructions 

Not applicable - larger cut out needed

C120W / E120W

Not applicable


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