Software Update Instructions : Wi-Fish

The following covers the update procedure for the Wi-FishTM product only.


Download the software package and unzip the file contents to an empty microSD card.  You can download the software Wi-Fish Software Download.


- Insert the loaded microSD card into the rear card reader of the Wi-Fish unit

- Power on the Wi-Fish unit

- The LED will briefly show RED then revert to ORANGE to indicate the software upgrade is in progress

- After ~35 seconds, the LED will then revert to GREEN to indicate the software upgrade has complete

- The Wi-Fish unit will effectively re-boot and resume normal operation

- As soon as the Wi-Fi indicator illuminates BLUE, power down the Wi-Fish unit and remove the microSD card

- Re-power the Wi-Fish unit to resume normal operation




- Download and install the Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile app from iTunes/Google Play onto an iOS and/or Android device

- Power on the Wi-Fish unit

- Open the Wi-Fi settings on your iOS/Android device and select the Wi-Fish unit SSID, which will then prompt for the password to be entered

- The Wi-Fish unit’s SSID and password can be located on the serial number label underneath the product

- The Wi-Fi symbol on the Wi-Fish will illuminate BLUE when connected

- Open the Wi-Fish mobile app

- Click the More icon to access the Settings, Help and About options