Ray240 / Ray240E Software Updates

  • Applicable for: Ray240E / Ray240
  • Software Version: v2.29
  • Release Date: April 2012
  • Replaces: 1.15, 1.17, 2.00, 2.18, 2.20, 2.23


Software for this product is only available via a Raymarine Service Center or a Raymarine Service Dealer. End user updating is not possible due to restrictions in the hardware and/or regulations.

To locate your nearest center please use the dealer locator

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v2.29 April 2012
  • Implemented DSC test message
  • Fixed intermittent "unable to connect to base" issue
  • Fixed NOAA Weather channel issue & Watch mode where VHF can be muted
  • Fixed NOAA Weather channel issue where no alarm is heard
v2.23 Dec 2010
  • SeaTalk1 communications issue resolved during power up
  • DSC 4 hourly alarm triggered correctly
v2.20 April 2010
  • Brought ATIS functionality up to latest Specification
  • Added functionality for MARCOM-C Licence operation
v2.18 - 20th March 2008 May 2009
  • Modified DSC functionality when ATIS is enabled
v2.18 - 12th March 2008 Jun 2008
  • Distress Activation user interface has been edited
  • DSC message detection has been improved
  • EEPROM management improved
  • DSC message Tx power is now adjustable by user
  • NMEA message adjusted to include additional info from DSC
  • Private channels have been changed for more selection
  • ATIS functions have been adjusted per relevant regulations - EN301 025
v2.00  Jul 2005
  • Maintenance Release
v1.17  Feb 2005
  • Maintenance Release
v1.15  Aug 2004
  • Initial Release