LightHouse 3 Software for The Axiom Family MFDs

Software download and update information for Raymarine Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL LightHouse 3 products:

  • Applicable for: Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro & Axiom XL LightHouse 3 Multifunction Displays Only
  • Current Software Version: v3.16.61 Hvar
  • Release Date: November 2021 (Download is constantly updated to include all latest ISO files)

Note: Please be sure to read all customer notices and update instructions prior to upgrading your system.


LightHouse 3 download for the Axiom Family of multifunction displays only.



Open Source GPL/LGPL

Some Raymarine products contain software code developed by third parties that are covered by open source GPL and LGPL software license agreements. You can view the third party license agreements by visiting the Manuals and Documents section of our website.

To access the open source GPL and LGPL licensed executables click here


Software release date, new features, enhancements and bug fixes

Current Version

Bundle Release Date Features
November 2021

New Features:

  • Initial support for the new Cyclone Open Array Radars
  • Nautical miles & yards (NM & yd) added as a unit of measure for distance
  • Split screen LH3 browser app
  • Cyclops Marine Load Cell support & data items added
  • Improved sidebar selection panel
  • Mercury - color coded alarm warning implementation
  • Mercury - Information messages Pop-ups
  • Mercury - Helm grouping
  • Sector Blanking support for Quantum 2 Radars

Product improvements:

  • Anchor mode now accounts for keel offset and waterline to deck measurement
  • Transducer sea temperature calibration issue corrected
  • Fathoms changed from fa to Fm
  • "Follow from Here" not working in a route, under a certain condition - fixed
  • Camera issue where surveillance scan stops working when selecting a different app - fixed
  • Digital switching hidden pages were not staying hidden under certain conditions - fixed
  • Improvements to 'Ping Depth Limit'
  • Improvements to First Responder waypoint transfer over N2K
  • Camera app (i.e. AR app) showing zoom options for non-zoom cameras (e.g. Cam210) - fixed
  • Ruler updated to show correct range and bearing in context menu, and on ruler pop-up box
  • Goto Ruler can sometimes navigate to wrong end - fixed
  • iOS 15 prevented AXIOM connecting to it's hotspot - fixed
  • Updated software for the AXIOM Pro rotary encoder, to prevent jumping when rapid scrolling/zooming
  • In Augmented Reality view, a "T" has been added to make it obvious what the heading reference is, at the top of the screen
  • CZone update so momentary buttons correctly reflect their status after switching pages
  • Adjustments to the Raymarine database, to improve networking stability across the system (Only applicable if AXIOM/AXIOM DV/AXIOM RV models are in the network)
  • AXIOM-Pro keypad buttons incorrectly waking up Pan/Tilt cameras. Now only the rotary controller wakes the camera as like swiping the screen
  • Resolved a memory leak resulting in random MFD crashes, with systems running typically >16hours (depending on system load)
  • When using a legacy Digital Radome (i.e. E92130 RD418D or E92132 RD424D), from MFD v3.15 certain range scales would show an incorrect PPI image - fixed
  • Software upgrade improvements (System) - The Master MFD could crash (and not upgrade) if an RVX1000 was in the system and being upgraded. Could also occur if a repeater MFD did not report correctly. Implemented a fix in the v3.16 MFD code.
  • Note: Upgrade improvements in this release will only be seen when performing a following software upgrade

Current Version

Bundle Release Date Features
August 2021

New Features:

  • Reeds almanac now available with LightHouse charts
  • LightHouse charts Tides and Currents now available for France
  • Minimum depth warning message, when entering 0.8m or less
  • Shallow depth alarm - configurable in the Alarms > Settings menu
  • Anchor Drag wizard
  • Renamed "Anchor Drift" to Position Drift" in the Alarms > Settings menu
  • Mercury VesselView now supported in Horizontal or Vertical split screen modes
  • Optional daily event grouping for waypoints
  • Radar range ring customization - select the number of rings to display
  • Additional GNSS Lat/Lon position format selections - now 6 to choose from
  • Fuel Tanks can now be excluded from the Fuel Manager calculations
  • Pitch is now available as a databox selection, located under the "Boat" category for data items
  • Polar Table library update - we now have over 470 popular cruising and racing sailboats, built in
  • Fish ID and Alarm features now available for all Fishfinder depth transducers (Raymarine and Airmar)
    • Note – only applicable if the transducer is connected directly to an AXIOM-series MFD or RVX1000. CP-Sounders, (e.g.: CP370/470/570) do not currently support this feature.
  • Optional suppression of Dangerous Target alarms for stationary targets
  • iKey Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad support - full details in user manual
  • On-Screen auto focus control for M400 and M500 cameras
  • Users can now follow a waypoint from within a route (follow from here), and can easily reverse the route - improved UI

First Responder:

  • Waypoints can now be entered via Bearing and Range from a fixed point
  • Import and Export of waypoints via NMEA0183
  • Pin Lock
  • If Heading or SOG data becomes unavailable, a warning message is shown on the Homescreen

Bug Fixes

  • Mercury VesselView - resolves an issue where no data was being displayed if the ignition was turned on, but the engines are not running
  • 2nd Echo Rejection corrected/Improved
  • Improvements to shallow water tracking and general performance
  • Navionics subscription expired warning message box would keep popping up - fixed
  • LightHouse charts subscription showing expired, but with a future date shown - fixed
  • Realbathy depth curves are now drawn down to 0.25m increments
  • MFD would state you have ejected the MicroSD card incorrectly, when you have not - fixed
  • Engine data dampening has been improved, so that the master and repeater MFDs are more in sync
  • When advancing a waypoint in a route, a repeater MFD could sometimes advance more than once - fixed
  • Resolved an issue where the MFD would report "No Update Found" when inserting a software MicroSD card
  • GNSS differential mode was incorrectly re-enabled when changing from GLONASS to BeiDou - fixed
  • Implemented a fix to prevent the AXIOM from not detecting a LightHouse chart, after it has been updated
  • Improvements for the detection of both Analogue and Digital IP cameras
June 2021

New Features:

  • Continued SONAR bottom tracking improvements
  • Addition of 4G router support (DHCP On/Off switch) and setup page (from AXIOM diagnostics)
  • Polar tables library update

Bug Fixes

  • Corrects an issue where the MFD could crash when using RealBathy
  • Corrects an issue with IP Cameras being discovered by the MFD
  • Improvements to the UKHO tide stations, with regards to the display of some tidal curves
  • Moved certain chart items out of Land Features, for the LightHouse charts
  • Resolves an issue with Trigentic Digital Switching toggle switches, not functioning correctly on repeater MFDs
  • Resolves an issue seen with mounting MicroSD cards on the MFD.
May 2021

New Features:

  • Mercury Vessel View integration with App and SmartCraft Connect gateway
  • Support for LightHouse Charts - North America
  • Support for Hi-Resolution contours in Fishing Mode only
  • LightHouse Charts - Improved Tides and Currents, and stations available in Great Britain/Ireland and France
  • Continued SONAR bottom tracking improvements: Introduced a new feature to limit the maximum depth the SONAR will ping to, when trying to re-acquire a bottom lock (only applicable to AXIOM MFDs and RVX1000, when using high power Airmar transducers)

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard databoxes can now be edited again, after customization - i.e. Trip
  • Touch Swipe shortcut menu appearing due to electrical noise - New software written to prevent this
  • Finnish translation for 'Knots' corrected
  • System software upgrade improvements:
    • Slave MFD not entering 'Upgrade mode' when directed
    • MFD upgrade remaining on "In Progress" screen and never showing Complete
    • AXIOMs found to be downloading 2 upgrade files when only one is required
    • MFD cannot detect upgrades files on card, if the directory name contains spaces
    • IMPRTANT NOTE: These 'System Software Upgrade' improvements will not show positive results until the following software release (i.e. v3.15.xx)
  • Changes to the RayNet communications - when upgrading to v3.14.88 you also need to upgrade any of the following products in your system to the specified versions below, otherwise they will not communicate correctly:
    • RMK-9: v20.0.7
    • RMK-10: v20.0.7
    • CP100: v20.0-00012 app / v18.00-00017 plat
    • CP200: v20.0-00012 app / v18.00-00017 plat
    • CP370: v20.0-00012 app / v18.00-00017 plat
    • CP470: v20.0-00012 app / v18.00-00017 plat
    • CP570: v20.0-00012 app / v18.00-00017 plat
    • RVX1000: v3.14.88
    • (Note - these new software versions are backward compatible with older MFD versions - i.e. LH2 v19.03 or LH3 v3.11.43)
Mar 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue on the Digital Switching pages, where the page title and page arrows appear when they should not.
  • Fixes an issue where the screen shows a lot of blank boxes with a blank background.
  • Resolves a crash when inserting a MicroSD card into the MFD, and you have Mercury device(s) on the N2K network.
  • Includes the S63 CHART base map within the ISO file.