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LightHouse 3 Software Update Instructions for eS Series & gS Series MFDs




Please fully read this page before attempting to update your Raymarine System. This page contains each step for you to sucessfully update your Raymarine system.

LightHouse 3.3 Compatibility Note

Raymarine eS & gS Series owners can now enjoy the many new benefits of LightHouse 3. Please be aware that there are a number of LightHouse II features that have not yet migrated to LightHouse 3. Before upgrading any of your eS or gS multifunction displays to LightHouse 3.3 please be sure to review and understand the LightHouse II to LightHouse 3 feature comparison list.

Legacy aSeries, cSeries and eSeries Compatibility

After extensive testing we have determined that legacy aSeries, cSeries, and eSeries products running LightHouse II do not have sufficient memory and processor resources available to run LightHouse 3 at an acceptable level of performance. MFDs in these series will not accept the LightHouse 3.3 update.

It is not possible to mix a, c, or e Series running Light House II with ANY products running LightHouse 3.


Please fully read this section before attempting to update your Raymarine System.

This section contains each step for you to sucessfully update your Raymarine system.


Before performing any software, update or reset, Raymarine users are recommended to back up their waypoints, route and track data... this procedure is detailed as follows:

  1. Insert your mSD into the card slot
  2. Touch the 'My Data' button on the Homescreen
  3. Touch 'Import/Export' button on the My Data Screen
  4. Touch 'Save my Data' to bring up the options popup
  5. Choose from the options what you wish to save:
    • Save all Data
    • Save Waypoints
    • Save Routes
    • Save Tracks

Note: When selecting either 'Save waypoints', 'Save Routes' or 'Save Tracks' you will be prompted to choose which you wish to save.


eS and gS MFD’s being updated from LightHouse II to LightHouse 3 MUST use software from a MicroSD card.

  1. Download the latest ISO file from the Raymarine Website here
  2. Copy the file on to a MicroSD Card - Ensure the card is formatted to FAT32 or NTFS.
  3. With all displays on the network powered up, insert the MicroSD card into any available card reader slot on an eS Display or into any slot on a RCR-2 card reader connected to a gS Display.
  4. From the Home page select: Set-up > Maintenance > Check Card for Updates.
  5. The system will check the card and networked devices for software.
  6. Having seen the software file on the card the MFD will remind you that this could take time. Press “OK”.
  7. At this stage a list of the products on the network will be displayed but the “Available” column will not be populated.
  8. Touch and hold an “Available“ cell and a pop-up will indicate the availability of software 3.3.170. Press “Install”.
  9. Selecting “Install” will return to the list with the product ticked for update. This can be repeated for each product on the list or they can be ticked directly by touching the select square. Each product that is selected will be marked for “Re-install”.
  10. The software update will start on all the networked products selected.
  11. NOTE: All networked products MUST be updated to LightHouse 3 to continue working together.

  12. As each unit is updated the Raymarine Software Upgrade page will be visible.
  13. The Display will restart and return to the new LightHouse 3 Home Screen once the update is completed.


You can check software versions in 2 places:

Settings > Getting Started

LH3.3 Confirmation of Successful Upgrade | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Settings > Network (touch the "This Display" bar)

LH3.3 Confirmation of Successful Upgrade | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR


Historically, Raymarine has encouraged users to perform a reset on the Multifunction Display products after a software upgrade however this is not deemed necessary when upgrading Lighthouse 3 software releases.

Settings Reset

Should you feel there is any reason to perform a reset, you should only have to perform the “Settings Reset” in the menu (Settings > This Display > Settings Reset). This will retain the waypoints/ routes & tracks in the unit.

Factory Reset

If, after performing the “Settings Reset”, the Multifunction Display product fails to operate satisfactorily, it may be necessary to perform the “Factory Reset” in the menu (Settings > This Display > Factory Reset) this will delete all saved data and return the display to the initial setup procedure of the Start-up Wizard.