RVX1000 Sonar Module Software

Software download and update information for the Raymarine RVX1000 product:

  • Applicable for: RVX1000 Sonar Module
  • Software Version: v4.3.54 (RVX1000)
  • Release Date: January 2023
  • Minimum Multifunction Display Software Version: LightHouseTM 4 Software Version should match the RVX1000




Open Source GPL/LGPL

Some Raymarine products contain software code developed by third parties that are covered by open source GPL and LGPL software license agreements. You can view the third party license agreements by visiting the Manuals and Documents section of our website.

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Software History

Version Release Date Features
v4.3.54 Jan 2023 This release maintains compatibility with LightHouse 4.3.54 for Axiom chartplotters
v4.3.42 Dec 2022 Improvements and fixes
  • Sonar improvements to displayed target strength
  • Sonar user interface improvements to make it obvious which channel is in use
  • Corrected a Sonar menu issue when selecting “All Channels.”
  • Fixed a Sonar display issue, where the history changed when the screen was touched
  • Maintains compatibility with Axiom chartplotters running LightHouse 4.3.42
v4.1.75 Sept 2022 Sonar app bottom tracking and reacquisition improvements
Maintains compatibility with Chartplotter on LH4.1.75
v4.0.82 June 2022 This release maintains compatibility with LightHouse 4.0.82 for Axiom chartplotters
v4.0.77 May 2022 This release maintains compatibility with LightHouse 4.0.77 for Axiom chartplotters
v4.0 (RVX1000) April 2022 New Features
  • Fish Icon and Detection Beep (CP100/ CP370/ CP470/ CP570) now available. Requires the MFD to be running LH4.0 or higher. (Note: RVX1000 already has this feature)
Improvements / Maintenance
  • LH4.0 MFD compatibility with v21 Sonar software. You MUST upgrade the Sonars otherwise they will not function with LH4.0
  • RVX1000 and AXIOM internal Sonars have an improved internal bottom finding algorithm
  • RVX1000 and all CP Sounders (CP100/ CP200/ CP370/ CP470/ CP570) now support the Sonar recording diagnostics switch within the LH4 MFD menu
v3.16.84 PRIME Hvar December 2021 New RVX1000 update for compatibility with LightHouse HVAR 3.16.84 PRIME codebase
v3.16.61 November 2021 New RVX1000 update for compatibility with LightHouse HVAR 3.16.61 codebase
v3.15.62 August 2021 New Features
  • Fish ID and Alarm now implemented across all Fishfinder depth transducers (Raymarine and Airmar)
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an identified issue with the 2nd Echo Rejection feature
  • Additional improvement to the fix in v3.14.108, where the RVX1000 was not waking up if the MFD was powered off for a period of time, then powered back on again
  • Improvements to shallow water performance / bottom tracking algorithm. A user interface change has also been implemented in AXIOM to warn users or unreliable depth readings when in <0.8m of depth.
v3.14.104 June 2021
    • Continued SONAR bottom tracking improvements
    • Resolved an issue where the RVX1000 would not be discovered my the MFD, if it was left powered on after shutting down the navigation system. Vessels with Digital Switching may have observed this issue, depending on the system wiring.
v3.14.88 May 2021
  • New Features
    • Continued SONAR bottom tracking improvements: Introduced a new feature to limit the maximum depth the SONAR will ping to, when trying to re-acquire a bottom lock (only applicable to AXIOM MFDs and RVX1000, when using high power Airmar transducers)
  • Note: When an AXIOM MFD is upgraded to v3.14.88 (or higher), you also need to upgrade your RVX1000 SONAR module to v3.14.88 (or higher)
v3.13.101 Feb 2021
  • Bottom Reacquisition Improvements
v3.12.217 Nov 2020
  • This software release addresses an issue that may cause the sounder to incorrectly display a "No Transducer Connected" warning
v3.11.42 Nov 2018
  • Improves Signal to Noise Ratio providing improved SONAR performance
v3.6.32 July 2018
  • Maintains communications with MFD, when the MFD is upgraded to v3.6.32 or higher

v3.4.91 App

June 2018
  • Initial Release