Software for Raymarine CP450c Fishfinder / Sonar Module

  • Applicable for: CP450C
  • Software Version:v4.04
  • Release Date: June 2014
  • Replaces:v4.03, v3.09/App v2.01, 2.04, 1.02

Downloading the CP450c Software


Software History

Version Release Date Features
v4.04 June 2014
  • Corrects an issue first presented in v4.03 in which the sonar module(s) could potentially cease to transmit and provide an unpopulated transducer list after varying and indeterminate periods of operation.
v4.03 May 2014
  • Multiple SONAR support on RayNet
    • Maximum supported SONAR = 4
  • Software Release for the CP450C and CP300 for compatibility with the R10 MFD release.
  • TVG tweaks (now inverted)
    • Topout mode 0-30% & TVG 31-100% 
  • Colour Gain smoothing applied
  • On selection of transducer, CP300 starts pinging straight away
S/W v3.09
Upgrade App v2.01
Sept 2013 Software
  • Improved bottom tracking above and beyond what previous v2.04 offered, this includes;
    • Faster tracking
    • Thicker/Clearer Bottom Line
    • Maintaining a good Lock in TVG TopOut mode
  • Improve bottom thickness when tracking in deeper waters – getting closer to maximum limits.
  • Improvements when using TVG TopOut mode, where the curve is now being applied in the digital domain rather than the analogue, so we have greater control both on screen and tracking.
  • We have tweaked the ‘frequency used vs. Depth’ to provide a much better bottom strength return.
  • Improvements to 50kHz performance on the B60 transducers.
  • Improved noise clipping and colour gain.
  • Improved power into the water as much as EMC limits would allow.
  • Tweaked default TVG settings for Low/Med and High to 55, 65 and 75 respectively. We have also tested the new software at 38 knots tracking in 40 meters of water, using the B265 Transducer. This was in the Mediterranean Sea with high Salt content and Thermoclines present, so quite impressive results.

Upgrade App
  • Reports progress back to MFD of software upload.
  • Changes the upgrade window of the CP450C to about 15 seconds.
v2.04 Nov 2012
  • Bottom Search/Hunting Time reduced drastically to less than 2 seconds in most instances.
  • Ping Rate algorithm Improved
  • Introduction of TVG “TopOut” mode at 30% or less TVG
  • Noise Clipping in Auto Gain has been improved
  • Improvement to bottom finding
  • Fixed range change in Dual Range mode when changing units
  • Low Frequency noise performance improvement
  • Removed “Installation Has Changed” message pop-up from appearing at every MFD power cycle.
S/W v1.02
Upgrade App v1.02
April 2012
  • Initial Release