Software Updates for Raymarine CP470 & CP570 Fishfinder & Sonar Modules

  • Applicable for:  CP470 & CP570
  • Software Version: v21.0-22App / v21.0-20Plat
  • Release Date: April 2022
  • Replaces: v14.28 application / v14.03 platform

CP470 and CP570


Software History


Release Date


v21.0-22App / v21.0-20Plat

April 2022

New Features
  • Fish Icon and Detection Beep (CP100/ CP370/ CP470/ CP570) now available. Requires the MFD to be running LH4.0 or higher. (Note: RVX1000 already has this feature)
Improvements / Maintenance
  • LH4.0 MFD compatibility with v21 Sonar software. You MUST upgrade the Sonars otherwise they will not function with LH4.0
  • RVX1000 and AXIOM internal Sonars have an improved internal bottom finding algorithm
  • RVX1000 and all CP Sounders (CP100/ CP200/ CP370/ CP470/ CP570) now support the Sonar recording diagnostics switch within the LH4 MFD menu

v20.0-00012 app / v18.00-00017 plat

May 2021

  • IMPORTANT: This upgrade is required when your AXIOM MFD is upgraded to v3.14.88 (or higher). If you do not upgrade your SONAR modules, they will not communicate correctly with your MFDs.
    SONAR modules that require this updated release:
    • CP100
    • CP200
    • CP370
    • CP470
    • CP570
    Note - this new software is backward compatible with older MFD software - i.e. LH2 v19.03 or LH3 v3.11.43

v14.28 App

Sept 2015

  • Initial Release Application and Platform for CP570
  • Improvements to the Bottom Tracking algorithm for CP470

v14.13 app / v14.03 platform

May 2015

  • Initial Release Application and Platform for CP470
  • Only compatible with a_c_e_gS Multifunction Displays running application software v14.36 or higher.