Software for Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Control Heads

  • Software for:
    p70/p70s and p70R/p70Rs Pilot Heads
  • Version:
    v3.09 (Application Code) | v1.01 (Bootcode)
  • Date Released:
    September 2019
  • Additional Notes:
    The Autopilot may require recalibrating after the update is complete, refer to Software Update Information section below.


    NEW p70s and p70Rs

Downloading the Software

Select the software update below depending on which Multifunction Display (MFD) you will be using to perform the Remote Update.

Warning  a/c/e/eS/gS Series - Updating via a/c/e/eS/gS Series display. MFD software must be at level v13.37 and above - Click here to update your MFD  
Warning  G Series - Updating via G Series system. System software must be at level v4.49 and above - Click here to update your MFD  
Warning  Pilot System - Please make sure you have the latest EV1/EV2 and ACU software installed, otherwise issues may arise  

Info  AXIOM and a/c/e/eS/gS Download - This download now contains the following additional product updates:

  • Pilots – p70, p70R, ACU, EV1/EV2

Info  AXIOM and a/c/e/eS/gS Download - Do not copy the Bootcode and Application ".ISO" files onto the same software card. The MFD cannot install Bootcode and Application .ISO files at the same time.


Current MFDs



AXIOM 7 184x169DownloadBootcode   

eS Series

eS SeriesDownloadBootcode   

a/c/e/gS Series

a/c/e/gS Series Software | Raymarine by FLIRDownloadBootcode   

Retired / Legacy MFDs


G Series

G SeriesDownload  

E Wide

E WideDownload  

C Wide

C WideDownload  

E Classic

E ClassicDownload  

C Classic

C ClassicUnavailable  

A Classic

A ClassicDownload  

Open Source GPL/LGPL

Some Raymarine products contain software code developed by third parties that are covered by open source GPL and LGPL software license agreements. You can view the third party license agreements by visiting the Manuals and Documents section of our website.

To access the open source GPL and LGPL licensed executables click here

Software Update Information

Info: a/c/e/eS/gS Download - This download now contains the following additional product updates: Pilots – Evolution ACU, Evolution CCU, p70

Note: The included R4 pilot software requires recalibration of the autopilot once complete. Learn how to setup / recalibrate Evolution Autopilot here

p70 and p70R Software History

Version Release Date Features
v3.09 September 2019
  • Corrects text translation error introduced in (v3.08) when set to Polish & Russian language. The displayed text wrongly displayed “Blad Tekstu” & “ТЕКСТОВАЯ ОШИБКА” which translates to “text error” instead of the correct Autopilot functions.
v3.08 January 2019
  • Safety Improvement to the Autopilot Head:
    • If the Controller detects a key lock up, or the Standby Key is constantly closed (shorted) then it will activate the buzzer for 10 seconds until the controller restarts (if this is the only pilot controller in the system, the Autopilot will drop to Standby)
  • Wind Vane mode (when set to Sail Boat) has been moved to the left Shortcut key as default (also accessible via the menu). The two button presses (Standby and Auto) will no longer activate Wind Vane mode.
v3.07 August 2016
  • Corrects a text error on the Restart Compass page caused by Language translation
  • Corrects transposition of Response Levels; Leisure & Cruising for Chinese language
  • Variation entered in User Preferences is now applied locally and globally on the STng bus. This corrects a problem introduced in v3.05 whereby the Evolution Pilot, if interfaced to a Seatalk1 Chart Plotter via a STng converter, would not enter Track Mode and alarm "No Navigation Data". If the system has this issue, set the Variation to ON and apply the local variation for that region. Variation can also be set on an i70. If Variation is already present on the STng network the p70 controller will revert to Slave and the problem will not occur.
v3.06 June 2016
  • Support for running Hardware Changes
v3.05 May 2016
  • Track Acquisition & Track Keeping enhancements
  • Vane mode – Wind steering Performance enhancements
  • Compass Linearisation Progress Bar included
  • Windshift Alarm improvements – including the ability to switch off
  • Enhanced Compass Calibration Routine for EV Sensor
v2.17 Aug 2014
  • Supports the selection of the Speed Input Source in Autopilot Calibration (Auto/STW/SOG/Cruise Speed)
  • Corrects intermittent drop out of SOG displayed in Data Boxes
  • Pilot now interacts correctly with MFD in Track mode. Now reacts correctly to an Advance Waypoint command
  • Title of the first page in Dockside Wizard has been changed from Dockside Calibration to Dockside Wizard
  • Corrections & Enhancements to the MDS (Multiple data Selection) functionality
  • Language Translations updated for new features
  • Corrects truncated Text In Dockside Wizard For Russian, Greek and Korean Languages
  • Restart compass is now removed from menu after Compass Lock is enabled
  • Corrects an issue where the p70 can show NO PILOT after an MFD upgrade
v2.12 Oct 2013
  • Now corrects the intermittent “No Pilot” alarm fault. – This can occur with the previous v2.11 software with an SPX or Evolution Autopilot connected on Seatalk NG to multiple MFD’s with the Pilot Control enabled
  • The Rudder Bar is now shown during Dockside Calibration, Rudder Alignment
v2.11 July 2013
  • Evolution compatibility
  • Additional diagnostics page added - About System
v1.08 July 2012
  • If Auto is engaged from a second Controller the Standby key can be locked out until the Menu or Auto key is pressed
  • If turned off from the power key the unit may lock out the keys and not power up again
  • If Vane mode is engaged and Swedish language selected the unit will continually reset
v1.06 Feb 2012
  • General Bug fixes and Improvements
v1.01 Bootcode Feb 2012
  • Bootcode upgrade to support v1.06 application


v1.00 bootcode