• Applicable for: AIS950
  • Software Version: v06.12.01
  • Release Date: June 2019

Software History


Release Date


App: 030200.06.12.01

Boot: 030100.020500

MKD: 03.10.01

Jun 2019

  • Brings AIs950 up to latest standards
  • Corrects a character issue on th "own Dynamic Data" screen, in the Asian release
  • Displays the AtoN name on the Targert List screen

AIS v06.10.00

MKD v03.07.02

Jun 2016

  • Fix for potential Tx malfunction when operating in Inland AIS mode

AIS v06.06.03

Jul 2015

    Response to changes and enhancements to the Class A AIS specification:
    • Changes to target icons on unit MKD
    • Password protection on alarm mask
    • AIS SART test mode filter
    • Improvements to vessel target list when 200+ vessels in view
    • Addition of convoy extensions and dimensions in Inland mode
    • Removal of manual setting of 1W mode
    • Addition of AIS message 27
    • Addition of Communications Test feature
    • Addition of Ship Type 59 (Ships and Aircraft of States not Party to an Armed Conflict)
    • Addition of new integrity alarm conditions
    • Bug fix to draft issue

    AIS v05.15.02

    Oct 2014

      Feature Enhancements
      • Quality of Speed, Course and Heading displayed on Installation menu
      • Enable COG transmission at speeds down to 0.1 kt. (COG transmission was previously filtered when vessel SOG was less than 1 kt.
      • Bootloader updated as part of change to production test procedure.

      AIS v05.14.02

      Apr 2014

      • "Baseline" to address all known feature enhancements and bug fixes

      AIS v05.13.00

      Jan 2014

      • Minor bug fixes

      AIS v05.12.00

      Aug 2013

      • Introduction of new RF Synthesizer Component