LightHouse 4.1 is our latest update to our Lighthouse 4 operating system for Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL chartplotter displays. Building on the new look and feel introduced with Lighthouse 4, LightHouse 4.1 includes new features and updates that continue to improve your time on the water.

What's New In LightHouse 4.1?

SiriusXM Blending | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

SiriusXM Blending

Enjoy a smoother presentation of weather radar and sea surface temperature overlays.

NMEA2000 Battery Monitoring | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

NMEA2000 Battery Monitoring

Monitor your network-compatible house and starting batteries from your Axiom dashboard. Give batteries custom names for easy identification too.

Performance Polar Library | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Sailing Polar Library

LightHouse 4.1 adds 60 new sailing polars to our built-in library of popular vessels.

LightHouse 4 - Expanded Fishing Icons | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Expanded Fishing Icons

New species-specific waypoint icons makes it easy to catalog your catch and keep track of productive fishing areas.

LightHouse 4 - Mercury VesselView | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Mercury VesselView

LightHouse 4.1 adds fluid-level checking and Skyhook integration. Axiom can now fully replace VesselView instrumentation in most Mercury installations.

LightHouse 4 - Superior Sonar | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Superior Sonar

Axiom's bottom tracking and bottom reacquisition algorithms have been optimized for even better performance.


LightHouse 4 - More Intuitive | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

More Intuitive

New LightHouse 4 graphical improvements with refined visuals and upgraded application menus

LightHouse 4 - Make it Yours | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Make it Yours

Personalized LightHouse 4 Home screen. Add your own background images

LightHouse 4 - Stay Informed | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Stay Informed

New Home screen widget keeps you informed with your choice of dynamic dashboard data tiles

LightHouse 4 - Mercury VesselView Upgrades | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Mercury VesselView Upgrades

Mercury VesselView upgrades, including active exhaust controls, new data displays, and engine diagnostic improvements

LightHouse 4 - New Home Screen Backgrounds | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

New Home Screen Backgrounds

Based on your user profile, there are new fishing, sailing, and cruising home screen background images.

LightHouse 4 - SIRIUSXM Fish Mapping | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Imray Chart Support

Support for latest edition of Imray raster charts. Visit Imray to purchases charts and learn more




LightHouse 4 is only available on Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro & Axiom XL models.

NOTE: LH4.0 software should not be installed on any other Raymarine MFD.