NEW LightHouse 3.6 - Axiom UAV Integration | Marine Electronics by Raymarine
NEW LightHouse 3.6 - Axiom UAV Integration | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

LightHouse 3.6 Software Update - Axiom UAV Integration

Take Flight with UAV Integration for Axiom Multifunction Displays

LightHouse 3 for Raymarine Axiom systems offers fully integrated control of select DJI Mavic drones.

Every boater has wished for a birds-eye view of their surroundings at some time. That wish has finally been granted with Raymarine’s Axiom UAV application that bring together the power of advanced marine electronics and advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs.)

The Axiom UAV app automates many common tasks including launch, airborne imaging, in-flight navigation, and return-to boat. Fishing and cruising boats alike can greatly benefit from having this added aerial imaging platform integrated onboard their Axiom navigation display.

Axiom UAV - LightHouse 3.6 Homescreen | Marine Electronics by Raymarine
Available for Axiom Multifunction Displays

Axiom UAV works with all Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL family multifunction displays. Download direct-to-MFD over Wi-Fi, or visit our software updates section to upgrade.

Axiom UAV - Flight Controls | Marine Electronics by Raymarine
Enjoy Simple, Automated or Manual Flight Controls

The Axiom UAV app offers multiple options to control the Mavic Pro in flight. In addition to the automatic flight modes, Axiom UAV also offers virtual on-screen joysticks for manual flight. You can also take control at any time with the DJI Mavic Pro joystick controller.

Axiom UAV - Birds Eye View | Marine Electronics by Raymarine
Birds-Eye Viewing on your Big Screen Axiom MFD

Free your drone from your tiny Smartphone screen. Shoot video and take still images saved to Mavic’s onboard memory card.

Axiom UAV - Return To Boat | Marine Electronics by Raymarine
Automatic Return-to-Boat

Recall your UAV to the boat with a single touch. The UAV will return to the boat and then hover at a programmable safe altitude and distance. Once the crew is ready, the pilot will then manually make a safe recovery and landing.

Axiom UAV is a standard part of the LightHouse 3 Operating System for Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL multifunction displays. If you’re running an older version of LightHouse 3 you can always update your system for free using your MFD’s Wi-Fi connection to the internet, or you can get the software from our software updates page.


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Download LightHouse 3.6 | Marine Electronics by Raymarine


Axiom UAV is standard feature in Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL multifunction displays. Download the latest LightHouse 3 version for the Axiom family.