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SeaTalk NG Spur Cables

SeaTalk NG Spur cables are used to join individual instruments, sensors or displays to the backbone. The white connectors on each cable fit into white spur connectors found in backbone T-connectors and 5-way connectors and provide a secure, waterproof connection. Spur cables are available in 400mm, 1m, 3m, 5m and 6m lengths to reach from your device to the nearest spur connection in the backbone. Spur cables cannot be lengthened or joined together.  

Product Options
SeaTalk NG Spur Cables

SeaTalk NG Spur Cable Options

Spur Cable 400mm SKU: A06038

Spur Cable 400mm

  • Cable length: 400mm (15.7")

Spur Cable 1m SKU: A06039

Spur Cable 1m

  • Cable length: 1m (3.25')

Spur Cable 3m SKU: A06040

Spur Cable 3m

  • Cable length: 3m (9.75')

Spur Cable 5m SKU: A06041

Spur Cable 5m

  • Cable length: 5m (16.25')

Spur Cable 6m SKU: A06072

Spur Cable 6m

  • Cable length: 6m (19.68')