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SeaTalk NG Backbone Cables

In a SeaTalk NG network installation, backbone cables run the length of the boat carrying both data and power to connected sensors and instruments. Backbone cables are available in pre-made 400mm, 1m, 3m, 5m, 9m and 20m lengths. Backbone cables plug into the blue backbone terminals on T-connectors, 5-way connectors and other network devices. You can also use a backbone cable joiner, A06030, to join any 2 backbone cables to each other and make custom length as needed.

Product Options
SeaTalk NG Backbone Cables

SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable Options

Backbone Cable 400mm SKU: A06033

Backbone Cable 400mm

  • Cable length: 400mm (15.7")

Backbone Cable 1m SKU: A06034

Backbone Cable 1m

  • Cable length: 1m (3.25')

Backbone Cable 3m SKU: A06035

Backbone Cable 3m

  • Cable length: 3m (9.75')

Backbone Cable 5m SKU: A06036

Backbone Cable 5m

  • Cable length: 5m (16.25')

Backbone Cable 9m SKU: A06068

Backbone Cable 9m

  • Cable length: 9m (29.25')

Backbone Cable 20m SKU: A06037

Backbone Cable 20m

  • Cable length: 20m (65')