T060 Micro Compass

Fully waterproof, tactical sailing and racing solar powered compass as used by Olympians

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T060 Micro Compass
Dinghy Race Sailing with the T060 Micro Compass

Micro Compass for Race Sailing

The T060 Wireless Micro Compass gives you a massive racing advantage. It is waterproof, light, easy to read, reliable, and precise. The Micro Compass's tactical scale gives you clear, stable figures for port and starboard tacks. When tacking, the readings are always the same, meaning you never have to remember numbers.

Key Features

  • Powered for life with Raymarine's unique solar system.
  • Portable, yet rugged with the snap-in cradle.
  • No need to adjust for southern hemisphere effects.
  • Unique tactical mode makes reading wind shifts simple and minimizes button pushing.
  • Twin displays that are easy to read even when hiking.
  • Easy to use countdown timer with resynchronization function.
  • Waterproof, submersible to 10m.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Automatic power down if no motion is detected after 7 minutes.

Micro Compass Models

T060 Micro Compass

SKU: T060
T060 Micro Compass

T061 Micro Compass with strap bracket

SKU: T061
T061 Micro Compass with strap bracket
Get the most from your Micro Compass

Get the most from your Micro Compass

The Raymarine Micro Compass is more than just a compass and provides invaluable tactical information when sailing and racing. Our informative online guide will help you to get the most from your Raymarine Micro Compass.

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