M265 In-Hull Transducer

Urethane, 1kW, for CHIRP sonar modules and Axiom Pro series

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M265 In-Hull Transducer

M265 Overview

The M265 is an outstanding in-hull option with 8 internal ceramics and up to 117kHz of total CHIRP range. The in-hull installation eliminates the need to drill any holes in the hull, while accommodating a large range of dead rise angles. The high frequency provides excellent shallow water resolution.

The transducer is installed in the included tank which is cut to the boat’s deadrise angle and affixed inside the hull. When the transducer is placed inside the tank, it is properly oriented for optimal performance. The M265 is a popular choice for customers not wanting to drill a hole in their hull and for trailered or lifted boats.

The M265 is fitted with an 11-pin CHIRP transducer connector that mates directly to Axiom Pro RVX, Axiom 2 Pro RVM,  RVX-1000, RVM-1600, CP470, CP570 and legacy CHIRP sonar modules.

M265 Models

M265LH Low-High Transducer

SKU: A80012
M265LH Low-High Transducer
  • Max Depth (Ft): 3,000 (L) / 1,000 (H)

  • Frequency (KHz): 42-65 (L) / 130-210 (H)

  • Beam Width: 25° / 16° (L) / 10° / 6° (H)

M265LM Low-Medium Transducer

SKU: A80038
M265LM Low-Medium Transducer
  • Max Depth (Ft): 3,000 (L) / 1,500 (M)

  • Frequency (KHz): 42-65 (L) / 85-135 (M)

  • Beam Width: 25° / 16° (L) / 16° / 11° (M)

M265 Transducer Resources

General Specifications




Power (RMS)




Hull Material


Cable Length

33 Ft. / 10 M.

Deadrise Angles

0 - 30°