Cockpit Tiller Drive

Electric drive unit for tiller-steered sailing boats up to 6,000 kg (13,000 lbs.) displacement.

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Cockpit Tiller Drive

Cockpit Tiller Drive Unit Overview

Tiller pilot drives are perfect for large, tiller-steered vessels up to 6,000 kg (13,000 lbs.) displacement.

The fixed end of the tiller drive mounts to the boat's gunwhale, bench or coaming while the opposite end secures to the boat's tiller. A robust electro-mechanical arm steers the tiller with the smoothness and precision of an experienced helmsman. 

The included quick-disconnect system allows the tiller drive to be easily stowed away when not in use.   

Depending on the configuration of your boat, additional installation accessories including pushrod extensions, tiller brackets, cantilever sockets and pedestal sockets may be required. Please consult with your local Authorized Raymarine Dealer or product support for more information.

The cockpit tiller drive unit is designed to work with Evolution EV-100 systems with 12-volt power.

Cockpit Tiller Drive

For EV-100 autopilot systems.

Cockpit Tiller Drive

SKU: Q047
Cockpit Tiller Drive
  • For boats up to 6,000 kg (13,000 lbs.) displacement

  • For 12-Volt DC Systems

  • Works with ACU-100