Follow On Tiller System

For Evolution Autopilot Systems

Raymarine’s Follow-On Tiller autopilot controller brings fully functional power steering to remote and secondary control stations anywhere onboard. Designed for cruising yachts or commercial vessels, the Follow-On Tiller is a simple add-on control unit for Raymarine Evolution autopilot systems. With a single button press, the tiller activates Evolution’s Power Steer mode, enabling captains to send precise steering angle commands to the rudder, up to 35°.


Follow On Tiller Specifications | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

The Evolution Follow-On Tiller can be installed at bridge wing stations, aft docking stations, or even into the arms of pilothouse helm chairs. The intuitive design lets captains make precise steering adjustments with a simple turn of the lever or dial.

Key Features:

  • Brings precision power steering control to remote locations and auxiliary maneuvering stations
  • Sleek, low profile design enables fits to just about anywhere
  • Selectable proportional or bang-bang modes for steering or maneuvering applications
  • Simple SeaTalkng networking supports up to 4 remote tiller stations
  • Compatible with Evolution™ Autopilot Systems for Power Boats

Two versions of the Follow on Tiller control are available. Choose either a Standby Mode / Power Steer control key version or an Auto Mode/Power Steer control key version.

Follow on Tiller for Evolution Autopilot | Marine Electronics by Raymarine Follow on Tiller for Evolution Autopilot | Marine Electronics by Raymarine


The Follow-On Tiller controller supports both proportional (Full Follow-Up) and bang-bang (Non-Follow-Up) modes for maximum flexibility. The controller comes pre-fitted with a return spring to bring the controller back to the 0° center position automatically upon release. The return spring can be removed if desired.

In proportional mode, the rudder follows the tiller precisely, degree for degree, and the rudder returns to amidships whenever the tiller is in its center 0° position. In bang-bang mode, the amount of deflection of the tiller controls the speed of rudder travel in the direction signaled. Moving the tiller to the center 0° position stops the rudder immediately in position. The operator must always manually drive the rudder back to amidships in bang-bang mode.

The Follow-On Tiller controller is designed for use on Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Systems installed on powerboats only. It is not compatible with Evolution wheel drive, tiller drive, or linear drive systems configured for sailing vessels. Setup and calibration of the Follow-On Tiller Controller is easily performed using the system’s primary autopilot control head or autopilot-enabled LightHouse 2 or LightHouse 3 Multifunction Displays.