This FAQ relates to the following products:

  • CP100

The CP100 can be upgraded via any of the following Multifunction Displays (MFD) via appropriate RayNet adaptor cables:

  • aSeries
  • cSeries
  • eSeries
  • gS Series

Populating a Flash Memory Card (mSD) with the CP100 Software

 Note: microSD memory cards used with a/c/e/gS Series MFDs should have a memory capacity of no less than 512MB and no more than 32GB.  

Note: To avoid potentially corrupting the data on your Navionics chart card, DO NOT copy software update files to your Navionics chart card and DO NOT back up waypoint/route/track data to your Navionics chart card. MicroSD cards are commonly available in most stores selling consumer electronics products. Waypoint, route, track data, and system configuration data can be stored on a microSD memory card which also contains software update files.

  1. Insert a compatible Flash memory card into the computer's memory card reader or into a memory card reader which has been interfaced to the computer.
  2. Select the appropriate software download for your product from HERE
  3. Upon completion of the download, click on the downloaded file to open it
  4. Copy all files to the Root of the Flash card (Root is the first level you access when selecting the Flash).  Make sure the files are not in any folders on the card (See video below for examples.  Files will vary depending on update)

    For example, if your computer has assigned Removable Disk (E:) to your memory card reader/writer, then the software update files should be copied directly to Removable Disk (E:), not to any folders created on the memory card.

    Note: You are only opening the ZIP file that is downloaded.  You cannot open the files contained in the ZIP file, these have extensions such as .dob .pkg .sh .sh.sig with various file names.  If you attempt to open these files you will see an error as they are designed to update your Raymarine products and not for use in a Windows, Apple or Linux PC.

  5. Remove the memory card from the computer's memory card reader.

Populating the card via a Windows Machine Populating the card via a Apple Machine

Upgrading the CP100 Software

The CP100 software is part of the a, c, e, gS Series Multifunction Display (MFD) software download (R10). If you are performing an update on your MFD you are not required to download the CP100 software separately. However if you are connecting a CP100 in to the system we advise checking that the CP100 is running the latest software & if necessary you perform the updates outlined below.

  1. Ensure your MFD is already running R10 software or higher.

    [Homescreen] > Setup > Maintenance> Diagnostics > Select Device

    You will see all connected devices and relevant software versions. Please make sure the MFD and CP100 are running the latest software, if not please see here;

  2. Start with both the CP100 and the MFD powered on and connected together via RayNet.
  3. Insert the populated mSD card as outlined in the above section (Populating a Flash Memory Card (mSD) with the CP100 software).
  4. The MFD will automatically detect the files on the uSD card (once you have acknowledged the Limitations of Use screen) and will display a message on screen asking if you want to upgrade your remote devices. This could be a CP100, RMK-9 or other MFDs requiring R10 software on the network.
  5. Click “YES” to start the remote upgrade procedure for the CP100 and other potential devices on the network. The Display will show a status bar on the screen as it’s upgrading the remote products.
  6. The time it take to upgrade a CP100 is approximately 2 minutes (this doesn’t include any remote MFD upgrades the system performs).
  7. Once the MFD states “Update Completed Successfully”, remove the uSD Card and reboot the system.
  8. Enter the MFD diagnostics menu to check all connected devices are now running latest R10 compatible software.
  9. It’s recommended you perform a reset on the CP100 and that any depth offset calibration is checked/re-entered.
  10. If you have more than one CP100 in your system, check they have all been successfully upgraded.
To check that the software has been successfully updated, please go to the following diagnostic menu in your MFD and check the software version against the sonar unit.


[Homescreen] > Setup > Maintenance> Diagnostics > Select Device

R10 Software upgrade Flow Diagram covering MFd, RMK-9, CP100 and CP450C/CP300

Flow Diagram for CP300/450 Update

If you have issues performing the software update please contact your local Raymarine agent who will be able to assist.


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