Software update for: C Series Classic Multifunction Displays (MFDs)

Software version: v5.16 v5.16FEL (Far East Languages)

Released: July 2012



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How do I upgrade my software?


For instructions please see HERE

What is the FEL (Far East Languages) version?

FEL (Far East Languages) is for the Far Eastern Languages version of the software.  The functionality of the softwares are identical but the FEL software provides access to the Cyrillic and Far Eastern languages such as:

 - Chinese 

 - Japanese

 - Korean

 - Greek

 - Russian

Unless you wish to use one of these languages you install the standard version of software.


v5.16 and v5.16FEL Features

  • Improved AIS performance including increase of Class B AIS target time-out period to prevent the MFD unnecessarily dropping AIS targets and providing correct TCPA calculation of both stationary and active AIS targets.

Previous Versions

V5.04/v5.04FEL Download

5.04 features


  • Chart orientation will default to using Heading data (if available) when using the vessel offset feature
  • Cartography / chart data now available at latitudes higher than 78 degrees latitude
  • Current arrows direction correctly displayed when using Head-Up mode
  • Modified card sequencing to prevent display resets when using the Navionics 44XG / 46XG cartography


  • Displays output speed as -.-- with no speed transducer connected to DSM unit


  • Ground Trip/Log no longer increases when the vessel is stationary
  • Corrected under reading Ground Trip calculation


  • Corrected momentary 180 degree radar image shift
  • Disabled radar overlay feature for MFDs which have not been interfaced to a heading data source (ex. autopilot, Smart Heading System, ST60 Compass, etc.). Previous C-Series Classic MFD software releases permitted radar overlay when interfaced to a COG (vessel had to have a SOG of at least 2 kts) or heading data source.

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

  • Corrected AIS TCPA calculation
  • Improved processing of target data in areas with 100+ AIS targets
  • Added alarm to monitor PSRT sentence generated from AIS500
  • Default AIS target status set to NOT_DEFINED

SIRIUS Marine Weather (not available in v5.04 FEL)

  • Increased memory buffer to improve SR50 module connectivity
  • Marine Zone forecast areas updated


  • Added support for 16GB CF devices
  • Added support for uSD / CF adaptor

V4.30 Download