Software update for: E Series Classic Multifunction Displays (MFDs)

Software version: v5.69

Released: July 2012



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v5.69 Features

  • Improved AIS performance including increase of Class B AIS target time-out period to prevent the MFD unnecessarily dropping AIS targets and providing correct TCPA calculation of both stationary and active AIS targets.

Previous Versions

V5.52 .zip file for Windows or Mac

5.52 features


E-Series Classic version 5.52 software provides a number of new features and improvements for MFD/Autopilot integration, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), chartplotter functionality and general performance.

E-Series Classic Version 5.52 offers the following new expanded capabilities:

  • Digital Radome support - Raymarine has made provisions to insure all E-Series Classic Multifunction Displays possess full compatibility with the Digital Radome product line.
  • AIS Class B support - Further expanding on Raymarine's AIS capabilities, software v5.52 now provides E-Series Classic with AIS Class B support, including silent mode and buddy tracking.
  • Foreign language support for chart labels - E-Series Classic software v5.52 brings with it the addition of Unicode support, providing users the ability to display actual chart labels in a number of foreign languages (foreign language availability dependent upon purchased Navionics cartography).
  • SeaTalkng Support - With 5.52 software, the E-Series Classic MFDs can now be connected to a full SeaTalkng based installation (Support for AIS500 in SeaTalkng still pending).
  • Datum Selection - GPS Datum selection error previously reported earlier in the summer has now been corrected in this software release.

E-Series Classic v5.52 Corrections / improvements include:

  • Autopilot
    • Additional autopilot status symbols within fishing pattern mode
    • Improved alarm handling for SeaTalkng autopilot
  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)
    • Added Buddy Tracking and Silent Mode functionality
    • Addressed rebooting when a large number of AIS targets are in range (Greater than 300 targets)
    • Corrected issues with AIS Target List, simulator function and input to repeater display
    • Improved handling of AIS alarm acknowledgement
  • Chart
    • Added capability to adjust route line thickness and color
  • Data Bar
    • Addressed E-Series Classic Repeater display crashing when databar is switched off
  • Fishfinder
    • Resolved transducer speed display when using "Y" cable
    • Improved SeaTalkhs data communications with Digital Sounder Modules
      • We also strongly recommend that DSM30s, DSM300s, and DSM300Gs which have been interfaced to SeaTalkhs MFDs (ex. E-Series Classic MFDs, E-Series Widescreen MFDs, C-Series Widescreen MFDs, and G-Series GPMs) be upgraded to v4.20 DSM30/300 software with v5.18 bootcode. This DSM software may be downloaded from the Downloads & Updates tab found on the DSM30 and DSM300G's product web page
  • GPS
    • Fixed SD satellite not being shown on GPS status page
    • Corrected wrong vessel position when not in WGS84 datum
    • Addresses incorrect position shown in GPS status box
  • Radar
    • Corrected a missing text string in the radar application when using Italian language
    • Implemented changes to NOAA Marine Zone Boundaries (Great Lakes and others) to support Marine Zone forecast feature
    • Resolved data buffer of large storm systems resulting in system crash
    • Fixed SIRIUS Receiver 12-digit ID not being displayed correctly
    • Fixed SIRIUS Audio alerts softkey not enabled and Delete Alert not initializing
  • General
    • E-Series Classic MFD no longer reboots after 45 minutes inactivity
    • Master E-Series Classic MFD no longer crashes following the Repeater E-Series Classic MFD being switched off