Charlie Pitcher 2  

Meet Charlie Pitcher....

World record breaking rower!


Charlie became the world’s fastest solo transatlantic rower by beating the previous record of 40 days, 9 hours and 44 minutes, set in January 2012. Charlie smashed the record by 5 days completing the row in 35 days and 33 minutes.


Raymarine electronics on board







  Raymarine SmartController   Ray49E  



Thermal vision
















Thermal Night Vision


'Soma' is the world's most advanced ocean-rower constructed with carbon fibre and Nomex and utilising 100% green energy. At just 6.5 metres long and 1.5 metres wide, space is limited so Raymarine's new range of compact electronics including the e7D Multifunction Display are perfect for the record breaking attempt!


Charlie's Review of the electronics onboard....


e7D Multifunction Display

I use this chartplotter as my main hub centre for obtaining all the information I need for my ocean rowing. It is very user friendly, more so than any other chartplotter I have used (especially with the Iphone/Ipad sync). I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to use the fish finder though! I wish I did!


i70 Instrument

The remote display is just fantastic! I can see all the information clearly down on my footplates, even in direct sunlight. The choice of information available and the styling help me really feel in control within my small rowing boat.


p70 Instrument

This controls my SPX 5 autopilot which is simply the best product you can buy for small yachts and is very responsive, yet economical to run off the battery source. This is key to keeping me on course for the World Record I am going for. Also, responsiveness is critical when I am surfing down large rolling waves; if it were too slow, I could get caught out and have a serious broach!


AIS650 Class B Transceiver


I wouldn’t go to sea without one! It lets me know if there are any ships or boats in my area, what their course is, who they are and if they are on a collision course. The alarm system is adjustable so can be set for safe distances whilst I am sleeping for instance. This piece of kit if vital to sparing myself and my boat from being run down by tankers and the like.



Charlie Pitcher gets to grips with the new Raymarine e7D 


Charlie gets to grips with the new electronics at Raymarine HQ

These are the main components in my navigational equipment, but I also use the remote Smartcontroller to operate any changes from my bunk or on deck away from the nav area. I also, use a Thermal imaging camera for detecting any obstructions at night time, especially during my training on the east coast area and last, but not least, I use a Raymarine VHF station to compliment what is the simplest most efficient user friendly system one could install in a small yacht.


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