• Software for: i70 & i70s Multifunction Instrument Displays
  • Version: v3.11
  • Date Released: Nov 2017
i70s Software | Raymarine by FLIR  

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v3.11 Nov 2017
  • Fixed an intermittent detection of the DST800 Smart Transducer, when performing the Calibration process.
v3.08 Feb 2017
  • Added the ability to select Engine Trim in the bespoke engine pages
  • Bug fix for Translations - Italian word for "Alarm" corrected
v3.07 Aug 2016
  • Honda ECO mode has now been implemented in the Engine Data pages. The ECO mode is only supported if a compatible Honda engine is directly interfaced via NMEA2000 (it is not supported via an ECI-100 v1.20)
v3.06 June 2016
  • Bug Fix for Translations, where some pages were not accessible in certain Languages
v3.05 May 2016
  • Supports the calibration of the P79s (NMEA2000) In-Hull Depth Smart Transducer
  • Now fully compliant with the NMEA2000 standard
v2.22 May 2016
  • The choice of STW or SOG can now be selected in the Engine Overview Data Pages
  • General other software enhancements
v2.18 Oct 2014
  • Various improvements and fixes
v2.17 Aug 2014
  • Speed Calibration process now improved to include three levels. (Single point, Add Points & Advanced)
  • Analogue Rudder Angle dial can now be displayed as a full page
  • Added Translation changes to reflect new features and Language corrections
  • MOB pop up Page added & Alarm can be silenced
  • AIS SART targets now displayed correctly
  • Gear Transmission Oil Temperature & Pressure now displayed correctly
  • Corrections & Enhancements to the MDS (Multiple data Selection) functionality
  • General corrections to calculated navigation data such as CMG & CTS
  • Depth Alarms now cancelled on any display globally
  • Graphic History Pages now show vertical scale
  • Fuel Flow Rate Bar can now be selected
  • About System added to Diagnostic Menu. Will search & display devices found on STNG
v1.25 May 2012
  • Full compatibility with the new Instrument Transducer Converter (ITC-5)
    • This will allow full Calibration and set-up of all Transducer variants supported by the ITC-5
v1.15 Jan 2012
  • Corrects a fault when Turkish Language is selected, where the i70 could lock up or reset
  • Modification to Temperature calibration
  • The TRIP value can now be reset. The Trip value has the following functions:
    • i70 & Speed Pod – Trip stored in i70 and is individual to each display.
    • i70 & DST800 – Trip stored in DST and is a single global Trip.
    • i70 & ITC-5 – Trip stored in ITC-5 and is a single global Trip.
v1.01 Jan 2012
  • Bootcode upgrade to support v1.15 application
v1.08 ###
  • Initital Release