Marine Radar Scanners and Antennas

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Day and night, Radar systems from Raymarine keep you aware of surrounding traffic, hazards and obstacles, approaching weather and so much more. Use your radar to navigate in dense fog or rain. Confirm your boat’s position with super-accurate radar ranges. Let MARPA help you navigate safely through a crowded harbor. Enjoy map-like coastal detail when cruising offshore. Find sea birds at long range to lead you to the fish. Raymarine offers a wide range of radar solutions for all types and sizes of boats.


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Setting a new standard for solid state marine radar, Quantum delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. Integrated Wi-Fi make installation easy and Quantum’s energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and reduced power consumption.

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The choice of mid to large-sized powerboats and sailing vessels, open array radar scanners deliver higher sensitivity, better target detection and improved target separation. Open array systems are available with 4kW or 12kW transmitters for exceptional performance at all ranges.

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Setting a new standard for solid state marine radar, Quantum delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. Integrated Wi-Fi make installation easy and Quantum’s energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and reduced power consumption.

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Radome antennas are the perfect blend of compact size, light weight and high performance. Choose a radome antenna when space is a premium or restricted by rigging. Radome scanners also consume less power than open array scanners which is essential for long-distance cruising sailboats.

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Scanstrut have been designing ultra-robust products for the outdoors since 1986 and are the international market leader in manufacturing installation solutions for marine electronics. View their comprehensive range of radar and satTV mounts here.


Marine Radar Key Features - Bird Mode | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Bird Mode

Automatically optimizes the radar’s settings to highlight sea birds at long range. Fishermen know that the birds go where the bait fish are, and the game fish are there too. Using your radar to detect sea birds at beyond visual range allows you to find the fish easier, and to get there with much less fuel burn too. This adds up to increased efficiency, economy, and a much more enjoyable day of fishing.

Marine Radar Key Features - Doppler Target Tracking | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Doppler Target Tracking

Available on Quantum 2, doppler allows the radar to instantly detect targets in motion and display them in a unique color palette. Inbound targets are red while outbound targets are green for improved awareness in high traffic situations.

Marine Radar Key Features - Target True Trails | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Target True Trails Display

Shows the historical path taken by moving targets on the radar scope. The live target will display in its primary color, while its path or wake will remain visible behind it for a selectable period. This allows you to more easily see targets in motion and determine their direction of travel across the radar scope.

Marine Radar Key Features - AIS Integration | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

AIS Integration

Lets you see the icons of other vessels detected with your Automatic Identification System receiver on your radar scope. To use this feature, you will need to have a suitable AIS receiver or transceiver connected to your multifunction display.

Marine Radar Key Features - Dual Range Scanning | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Dual Range Scanning

Allows your connected multifunction displays to show you both a short-range and a long-range radar presentation at the same time. Use one scale to keep an eye on the surrounding traffic while simultaneously watching for weather, birds or long-range traffic on the other scale. The dual range radar scopes can be selected individually, shown simultaneously in adjacent windows, or even viewed independently on different networked MFDs.

Beam Sharpening Technology

Also called Antenna Boost, is digital technology that allows a small radar scanner to perform with characteristics like an antenna of a much larger physical size. Using patented Digital Signal Processing techniques, Raymarine’s Magnum Open Array radars use beam sharpening to provide map-like coastal detail, enhanced target separation, and increased sensitivity to weak and long-range targets.

MARPA Target Tracking

A collision avoidance feature allows your radar to acquire and track targets of interest. Targets can be acquired manually or automatically (on some systems.) After acquiring the target, the radar will calculate the target’s course, speed, closest point of approach (CPA) and time to CPA. On-screen symbology shows you the target’s direction and speed. Visible and audible cues warn you of developing dangerous situations.

High Speed Scanning

Allows select radar scanners to spin faster when operating at ranges below 3 miles. When high speed mode is enabled, and the selected range scale is 3 miles or less, the scanner will increase its rotation speed from 24 to 48 RPM. This effectively doubles the update rate of the scanner, allowing for better visibility and tracking of fast moving targets close to the boat.

Stabilized PPI Display

Allows the radar Plan Position Indicator (PPI) or scope to update in real-time even as the heading of the boat is changing. This gives you a smooth, accurate plot of all radar contacts when changing course or maneuvering, without having to wait for the radar scanner to sweep through a full rotation. Stabilized PPI requires the presence of a heading sensor like the Raymarine EV1or an Evolution Autopilot System.

AutoGST™ Technology

Refers to Raymarine’s adaptive transmitter and receiver. It automatically adjusts the Gain, Sea Clutter and Tuning for true hands-off operation. Auto GST continuously monitors the environment and adjusts these setting automatically for the best picture under all conditions.

Advanced Target Separation

ATX™ technology gives Quantum radars unsurpassed range resolution. Densely packed targets can be seen individually, rather than merged together as one large target.

Radar Overlay on Chart

Lets you see the live radar image as a semi-transparent layer on your navigation chart. This allows you to confirm the positions of navigation aids, other vessels, obstacles and landmass by comparing them to charted objects. Radar overlay is also very useful to boaters new to radar and looking to get comfortable interpreting the radar returns.

Timed Transmit Mode

A valuable power-saving feature for sailboats and electric boats. When enabled your radar scanner will automatically transmit at a selectable interval, and then go back into a low power standby mode. The reduces the overall duty-cycle of the radar while allowing you to maintain a long-range watch. The result is a significant savings of crucial battery power while underway.

Open-Array vs. Enclosed Radome Systems

Radome or Open Array - What's the difference?

Marine radar systems fall into two primary categories: Open-Array or Enclosed Radome Systems.

Open Array Marine Radar Systems | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Open Array

Open-Array radar scanners are made of 2 parts. The radar pedestal houses the scanner’s electronics and drive mechanism. Atop the pedestal is mounted a radar antenna or array. Raymarine’s Magnum Open Array radar scanners consist of pedestals with 4kW or 12kW power output, and your choice of a 4-foot or 6-foot antenna array.

Open-Array radars are easily identified by their rotating antennas. When choosing an open-array system you will need to consider the amount of space available on your boat, as well as the weight capacity of the location where you’ll be installing the radar scanner. Be sure to leave a clear radius around the pedestal to allow of the rotation of the antenna. Magnum open-array systems weigh approximately 60 pounds (27 kg) so make sure your radar arch, hard top, or other overhead structure is rated to carry that amount of weight.

Open-array radars are generally more powerful and offer longer range capabilities than radome scanners. Open arrays offer enhanced details of shoreline and targets packed tightly together thanks to their larger antenna size. Radar systems use the length of their antenna array to focus the radar beam. Larger antennas make for more tightly focused beams. Open array scanners are also more sensitive to weak targets and targets at long range, again because of their larger antenna array.

Radome Marine Radar Systems | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Enclosed Radomes Scanners (Radomes)

Enclosed Radome Scanners contain many of the same components as their open-array cousins, but all the moving pieces are housed inside an enclosure called a radome. This arrangement is especially popular on sailing vessels and small boats where there is a chance of sails, rigging, lines, or fishing tackle getting wrapped in a spinning antenna. Radome scanners are also much lighter weight than open-array scanners. Raymarine’s Quantum radar scanners are among the lightest available on the market weighing in at just over 12 pounds (5.6 kg.)

Raymarine offers 2 series of radome radar scanners. Quantum radar systems are solid-state CHIRP radar systems with excellent performance at both short and long ranges, up to 24 miles. HD Color radome systems are excellent performers for small, high-performance coastal cruising and fishing boats. HD Color radars offer a powerful 4kW transmitter with 48-mile range, dual-range scanning, and 48-RPM high speed scanning. Fishermen also benefit an automatic bird detection mode.

Radar Scanner Systems

Raymarine offers 3 different types of marine radar systems: Quantum radomes, HD Color radomes, and Magnum Open-Arrays. Use the following table for quick comparisons between model lines. Please refer to each product’s individual specifications for exact values.

Radar Type Quantum Radome Quantum 2 with Doppler HD Color Radomes Magnum™ Open Array Radar
Models Quantum 18" Quantum 2 18" 4kW Radomes
45cm or 61cm (18" or 24") models
4kW and 12kW Open Array Scanners
1.2m or 1.8m (4ft or 6ft) models
MFD Compatibility Axiom, Axiom Pro, eS Series, and gS Series Axiom and Axiom Pro Axiom, Axiom Pro, eS Series, and gS Series Axiom, Axiom Pro, eS Series, and gS Series
Perfect for Sailboats, RIBs, and smaller powerboats Sailboats, RIBs, and smaller powerboats Sail, power, and light commercial applications Powerboats, commercial, and law enforcement applications
Type Solid State CHIRP Pulse Compression Solid State CHIRP Pulse Compression with Doppler target tracking High definition color radar technology Super high definition color radar technology
Power Consumption Energy efficient design with low power consumption. 17 watts transmit and 7 watts standby Energy efficient design with low power consumption. 17 watts transmit and 7 watts standby 18” 40 W (20 W Standby)
24” 60 W (25 W Standby)
4 kW 70W (30W (standby)
12 kW 110W (30W (standby)
Range Performance 24NM 24NM 18” 24NM
24” 48NM
Performance Lightweight and easy to install. Excellent short and long range performance. Detect targets as close as 18ft Lightweight and easy to install. Excellent short and long range performance. Detect targets as close as 18ft Trusted compact radar radome performance. High speed scanning Superior long-range target separation with Beam Sharpening technology. Trusted radar technology used by the United States Coast Guard
Automatic Bird Mode No No Yes Yes
MARPA Target Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes