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Type 1 / 2 Hydrualic Pump shown above.

Refurbished 12v & 24v Drive Units

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Refurbished Price: from €246.00

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Part number: E12139R

Description: Type 0.5 (12v) Hydraulic Pump


Part number: M81120R

Description: Type 1 (12V) Hydraulic Steering Pump


Part number: M81123R

Description: Type 2 (24V) Hydraulic Steering Pump


Part number: M81122R

Description: Type 3 (12V) Hydraulic Steering Pumo


Autopilot Drive Units

The Drive unit is the part that interfaces with your vessel's steering system to keep you on the right course. Raymarine has a broad range of drive units to match almost any type of steering system.

Raymarine Evolution systems accommodate hydraulic, mechanical and power assisted stern drive systems. If you are not sure how to determine what type of steering system is installed on your vessel, please consult an authorized Raymarine dealer.

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